5 Lighting Trends For Your Kitchen.

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Practical lighting is pretty self-explanatory and installed in homes all the time, so we`re going to focus on how lighting style can give your home that extra spark. If you’re not up to speed with what’s trending in kitchen lighting, then it’s time to learn.
Aesthetics are an important factor in home décor and design. The artistic, or beautiful qualities of something, is what catches your attention and admiration. See 10 lighting trends for your kitchen that are worth the upgrade.
  1. Cabinet & Showcase Lighting

    Showcase lighting can be used in your cabinets or as spotlights to highlight your pretty glasses, china or statement pieces. Typically, cabinets have one single light that’s centered and installed on the inside of the cabinet shining down to illuminate an item. There’s not just one way to execute this look, so get creative with it! 
  2. Oil-Rubbed Bronze

    Oil-rubbed bronze lighting is definitely a hot trend this year. Installing fixtures such as faucets, handles and knobs in your kitchen is the way to go if you’re looking for a fresh look. Rubbed bronze hardware is a dark and dramatic expression that looks nice with various interior design colors, such as wood, white and the color of the year
  3. Unique Shapes

    Besides material and color, there are a crazy amount of fixture shape options available these days. Designers have not been shy about creating distinct and fashionable pieces that will both inspire and shock you. Pinterest is an excellent place for you to scour and see what’s trending.
  4. Stylish Pendants

    Pendant lights are great because they’re very versatile. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, designs and colors that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something you like in your kitchen. In this example, you’ll see that the pendant lights are strategically hung over the island, which is the most common placement. It makes the most sense, given that the recessed and up lighting border the outside edges of the kitchen ceiling. You can also hang pendants at different heights to create depth, or hang mini pendant lights above the stovetop, a table or in a breakfast nook. Fortunately, the options are never-ending!
  5. LED

    There are many benefits to installing LED lights in your kitchen. LED lights are extremely energy efficient and use less electricity than compact fluorescents. These types of lights can last decades, and do not contain mercury.


You should now be well-informed of what’s trending in kitchen and bathroom lighting. Pick a few of your favorite ideas from this list and see how these simple but stylish upgrades bring new life to your home.

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